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Each bag contains 50g/1.8oz of Air-Dried, Premium Cut, Wild, Atlantic Cod from sustainable fisheries around Iceland.

Ever since the first Viking settlements, Icelanders have been wind-drying fish as means of preservation. Fish Jerky has been an essential part of our diet ever since and is an excellent clean source of protein. It's truly a superfood that you can enjoy straight out of the bag, or if you’re feeling wild; try it with some butter.

Our Fish Jerky is produced in Iceland, which has some of the purest waters in the world. The catch consistently meets top standards for purity and by means of the gentle traditional drying technology, the natural character of the fish, as well as the typical taste, structure, nutritional and physiological values, are maintained, without adding any preservatives, food enhancers or colors.

  • Ingredients: Dried COD (Gadus morhua), caught in area FAO27-Va2, in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean by troll and/or trawl (ca. 500 g of Raw Fish per 100 g of Finished Product), Salt.
  • Allergen Information: This product contains COD
  • This product is: Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Milk free, and High in Omega-3 fish oil.
Nutrition in 100 g
Energy 1465 kJ / 345 kcal
Fat 1 g
  of which:   
  saturates 0 g
  polyunsaturates 1 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
  of which sugars 0 g
Protein 84 g
Salt 2 g
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Fish Jerky - Wild Atlantic Cod
$11.99 $14.99

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